Selecting one of the best water purifiers under 15000, in the market today is a tough thing to do. There are indeed so many models and variants available in the market today which leaves us confused.

Water Purifier is coming with constant updates in features, filters, and specifications. Thus, it is hard for you to find the best match for your home or commercial use.

There are several factors that you must always keep in mind while choosing a good water purifier like the features, the specifications, and also the configurations.

But if you are willing to buy one, it is essential that you get an updated water purifier which also fits your budget. Here is a complete guide on how to choose water purifier.

Table of Contents

  • Tips To Choose The Best Water Purifier Under 15000
    • 1. Registered Water Purifiers
    • 2. Filter
    • 3. Contamination
    • 4. Electricity
    • 5. Storage
    • 6. After Sales Service
  • These are the Top 5 Best Water Purifiers Under 15000 in India 2019:
    • 1. KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier
    • 2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus 6-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier
    • 3. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier
    • 4. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier
    • 5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 20 Watts UV+UF Water Purifier
  • Benefits of Water Purifiers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1. Why should you have an RO + UV combination?
    • 2. What is Mineralizer?
    • 3. What is TDS?
    • 4. How do you measure TDS in the water?
  • Final Talk



One of the first things that you need to look for is the brand registration of the water purifier. There are a handful of brands that are available in the market today and selecting the best out of them is not a difficult task.

But at the same time, you need to go for a brand that has an excellent reputation before investing the money. There are already so many available variants, and the best option would be to go to online stores and find out about their services and the brand information.

It is always great to choose a brand that gives excellent support to clients.


Another very important factor to look for in any water purifier is the filter it offers. There are three different types of filters available, and the best water purifier must have any two of them to give the ultimate results.

The filters are RO, UV, and UF. Knowing the features of the filter is very important as these three types have different roles which make the purification process better.

So, before you buy one, you need to consider more about the filters that you are choosing. Thus, try to opt for filters which have an excellent reputation of eliminating TDS from water.

a) RO Filter

The RO filter is one of the traditional filters in a water purifier, and it is also one of the best ways to eliminate TDS and harmful contaminants.

In case of an RO water purifier, the water flows through an inlet tube and crosses several semi-permeable membranes. This further distils out the contaminated water and the purified water.

b) UF Water Purifier

The UF or Ultrafiltration process is very similar to that of any Reverse Osmosis or RO water purifier which has a semi-permeable membrane. There are pores in both the filters through which the water passes.

But the only difference is that the pores in UF are slightly larger in dimension than that of an RO water purifier.

c) UV Filter

The UV or Ultraviolet water filter works in a completely different way. Here the water flows through the tube, which already has a UV lamp. The UV lamp can quickly kill the germs and other contaminants in the water purifier.

However, the UV water purifier is not capable of eliminating these dead cells out of the purifier.

This is the reason why most of the purifiers with UV technology come with RO filters as well.


One of the most important things that you need to consider in any water purifier is the amount of contamination it can remove. Contamination refers to the number of solids and dissolved salts particles present in the water.

If your water has more than 80% contamination, it is strictly recommended for you to buy a water purifier with dual filters. Thus, it is better to have a UV water purifier.

At the same time, if you have higher contamination levels in your home and high TDS levels, it is crucial to have a good water purifier with RO or UF technology. This helps to remove the contaminants entirely.


Another critical factor to consider is the electricity needs of the water purifier. You must know about the local power supply, and does it have frequent power cuts?

If so you need to get a water purifier that does not require electricity to perform. In such cases, going for a gravity-based water purifier will be the ideal choice for you.

Talking about the electricity requirement, there are two different types of water purifiers. They are the UV water purifier and the RO water purifier.

Although there are many water purifiers which do not require electricity to perform, we still recommend you to go for RO and UV water purifier if you have constant electricity supply. They are the ones that give you the best filtration of water and provide you with 100% safe drinkable water.


Yet another factor to consider is for what reason are you willing to buy the water purifier? Is it for your home or for your commercial space?

If it is for your home, how many family members do you have? You need to keep in mind all these factors before you opt for a water purifier.

If you have a small family of 2-3 people, you can opt to go for a 4-6 Litres water purifier. On the other hand, if you have a larger family of 4-5 members, I suggest you go for an 8-10 Litres water purifier.

However, if you are looking for a purifier for your commercial space, you can either search for a free-flowing water purifier or a water purifier with a storage tank above 10L.


Service and warranty are always the two different aspects that everyone needs to keep in mind while opting for a water purifier. It is still essential to know the brand value of service and how quick their response team is.

Reputable brands have a customer care number and a core team that reaches out to your home in case of any problem. While opting for the purifier, you must know about the warranty offers they have while providing the installation.

Look for their maintenance service charges and how many maintenance services you will get for free. Comparing the maintenance cost per service will give you a good idea about the after sales service and how much is it going to cost.



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The KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier is the best water purifier under 15000.


1. It has a high purification capacity.

2. It has a thin film composite RO.

3. The storage capacity is decent.

4. It comes with a year warranty period.


1. The KENT Grand comes along with a controlled RO technology. It makes sure all the essential minerals are retained via a TDS controller. As a result, it increases the quality of the water as well.

2. This product has computer controlled operations including UV lamp alerts as well as filter replacement alarm. It makes sure you stay alert in case of a filter change is required, or a UV lamp failed to perform.

3. It is made up of high-quality food plastic or ABS to make sure you have safe use of the product. This also increases the durability of the product.

4. The product has a good storage capacity of 8 litres, which is sufficient for a large Indian family. It can purify 15 litres of water per hour, which I feel is decent at the given price point.

5. Furthermore, the product is compact and can be wall mounted. Thus, it takes less space, and you can have more space in your kitchen. It is white to suit any kitchen interior.

6. The product has diff4erent types of filter cartridges such as UF, Carbon Block, Sediment as well as Post Carbon filters. All these help in the elimination of harmful contaminants from the water.

7. The UV lamp present consumes only 11 Watts whereas the product itself consumes only 60 watts. Thus, it is power saving and pocket saving, as well.


1. It has high maintenance.

2. Wastage of water takes place. Buy Now from Amazon  


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The Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus 6-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier is number 2 on the list.


1. It consumes 230 watts.

2. It has a beautiful body with a black finish.

3. The storage capacity is good.

4. It comes with a year warranty period.

5. It has a water level indicator.


1. The Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus comes with a good storage capacity of 6 litres, which I feel would be sufficient for a medium size Indian family. It makes sure you can store water and have it even during a power cut.

2. The product has advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification technology. It helps to remove all the harmful contaminants present in the water, making it 100% safe to drink. This product can treat water from several other sources such as tanker, taps as well as borewell.

3. This has a membrane life enhancer to scale all the dissolved magnesium as well as calcium. As a result, it increases the flow of water. Furthermore, the carbon granules polish as well improves the water taste.

4. The device has a stylish design and a compact body. As a result, it can match any kitchen interior. Moreover, this product is a wall mounted one, and thus, you can place it anywhere you want.

5. It has a clarity cartridge which is placed right outside the device. And also, it has a LED indicator to alert you in case of no water supply, a tank full or any other fault.

6. The product comes along with a TDS regulator which makes sure there is a removal of 90% dissolved salts. As a result, it makes the water 100% pure and safe to drink every single time.

7. The product has a cartridge life of 6000 litres which will provide you with pure water for years. You can make this purifier work with different sources of water such as tanker, taps as well as borewell.


1. Installation can be delayed as per user reviews. Buy Now from Amazon  


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The Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier is number 3 on the list.


1. It has a good storage capacity.

2. This has a beautiful sea green colour.

3. It comes with a year warranty.

4. It has mineral cartridges.

5. This has a Zero splash faucet.


1. The Havells Max Water Purifier comes along with a decent storage capacity of 7 litres. I feel this product would be sufficient for a medium to a large Indian family.

2. It has a unique design and comes along with a beautiful colour combination of white and sea green. This looks so elegant and gives a classy finish to your kitchen interior. Thus, you can opt for this water purifier without a doubt if you want to make your kitchen interior look classy.

3. This product comes with user-friendly indicators for purification process, low water pressure, a tank full, self-diagnostic and as well as error alerts of UV lamp failure, etc. This makes sure you stay alert in case of an issue with your water purifier.

4. It comes along with an ingress tank protection lid to make sure there is no external invasion of dust particles as well as insects. The removable tank helps you to clean and maintain the lid without any hassle.

5. The product has mineral technology to make sure it keeps the pH level of the water balanced. You can have healthy water with the help of this water purifier.

6. It has a revitalizer which restructures the molecules of water to make it biologically active. As a result, it improves mineral absorption as well as hydration.


1. The maintenance is high. Buy Now from Amazon  


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The Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier is number 4 on the list.


1. It has a good storage capacity.

2. It has a UV fail alert.

3. This consumes 36 watts.

4. It has a high purification capacity.


1. The Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 Water Purifier comes with a double layer RO+UV protection. It makes sure you have water, which is completely safe and pure.

2. This water purifier has six stages of purification including pre-sediment filter, sediment filter, as well as a post-carbon filter. It has an RO purification process which helps to eliminate heavy metals, impurities micro-organisms, cysts, bacteria, and viruses.

3. It has an Aqua taste booster or ATB to enhance the taste of the drinking water. This also maintains the pH level of the water and keeps all the essential minerals within it. As a result, you can have healthy, pure, and safe water every single time.

4. The product comes along with a low-pressure indicator that alerts you in case of any low pressure occurs in the input water supply. And also, there is a 10-inch filter to make sure it does purification efficiently.

5. This product has a decent storage capacity of 7 litres, which I feel is pretty much sufficient for a medium to a large Indian family. It also offers high-quality RO membrane to make sure the purification capacity is high.

6. Furthermore, the product has a child lock feature to prevent wastage of water. It has an indicator to show in case the tank is full. I feel it is beneficial to avoid water wastage.


1. It can make noise.

2. The customer service isn’t excellent. Buy Now from Amazon  


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The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 20 Watts UV+UF Water Purifier is number 5 on the list.


1. It can handle high TDS level.

2. There is a taste enhancer.

3. It has a good filtration capacity.

4. The storage capacity is good.

5. It consumes only 45 watts.


1. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier comes along with a functional storage capacity of 7 litres, which is pretty decent. It is an ideal water purifier for a medium to a large Indian family. This can filter 20 litres of water per hour, which is excellent.

2. This product comes with an RO membrane along with UV disinfection column as well as a UF purification technology. It has a TDS controller to ensure you can have 100% safe, pure as well as healthy water every time.

3. The product further comes along with a Biotron cartridge which helps in breaking down the water molecules to its tiniest part or micro-clusters. As a result, you can have pure and safe water with all the essential nutrients present in it.

4. This water purifier can work well with all the water sources such as borewell, mixed, municipal corporations as well as a tanker. It can handle a TDS level of 2000 ppm, and thus, I would recommend you opt for this model if you are staying in an area with a higher TDS level.

5. The product further comes along with a taste enhancer, which helps to remove all the residual organic impurities. As a result, you can have the perfect and original taste of the water. There is ai-filter as well, which makes sure all the suspended particles are removed.

6. The product is highly durable since it is made up of good quality ABS plastic. Furthermore, the purifier comes along with a year warranty period on the manufacturing defects.


1. The installation service is slow. Buy Now from Amazon  


a) Choosing the best water purifier in India means that you can get complete relief from any contaminants and germs. In India, not all the water sources are from lakes, river or mountains. So it is essential to reduce the contaminants.

b) One of the best options to purify the water is with different purification technology, which is even more accurate than boiling. They are capable enough to clean the water from any contaminated source.

c) The new and updated technology is designed to monitor the health of water and also detect significant impurities. This helps to reduce the level of contaminants in the water. So they can remove the TDS and add the essential minerals that you need to intake.

d) Most of the products come with features like auto-control. This helps any purifier to automatically start and stop depending on the water present inside the storage tank. This allows you to use the product both for your home and for commercial use.



The UV water purifier is an effective way to destroy the germs entering the water purifier. But because of this technology, they do not have any option to eliminate the dead bodies of bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms from the purifier. Thus it is essential to remove them from the purifier before it goes to the storage tank.

This is where RO technology comes to be more useful than UV technology. The RO eliminates the contaminants and purifies the water more accurately.


Because of constant purification, it is evident that the water purifier expels out some essential minerals along with contaminants. The function of any Mineralizer is to regain the lost minerals back to the purifier.


TDS or the Total Dissolved Solids is the amount of contaminant present in water that cannot be separated by any sedimentary filter. It is essential to have a water purifier that can remove the TDS from the water purifier.


TDS can be easily measured with the help of a TDS gauge that quickly detects the contaminants. TDS is generally recorded in ppm unit which determines the number of minerals and solvents inside the water.

Any water with TDS below 500 ppm is good for health. However, if it is more than 500, we suggest you buy a RO+UV+UF water purifier.


Choosing a water purifier is always a difficult thing to look for, and it is also an important part to consider. You need to put in ample research to find out the best water purifier under 15000.

Try to look for a water purifier that suits your budget and also gives you all the essential features that you need.